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Just like getting a new haircut or upgrading to a new car, your home is another feature that could be up for change. From sprucing up your kitchen to expanding a bedroom, you can get the most out of your house with home remodeling.

Determining home design is where you can get really creative. In consideration to your indoor and outdoor environment, designs from bathrooms to a new paint job can improve your home’s value as well as it’s comfort.

Whether you would like to increase or decrease a room’s space and size, bathroom remodeling can be reconstructed to a contemporary design, LPL Painting & Company ensures quality craftsmanship to bring your home renovations to perfection. We also provide kitchen remodeling if you are looking to expand your kitchen, or give it a whole new, refreshing look.

Our painting services are high quality when it comes to interior and exterior painting. Servicing both residential and commercial painting projects, we aim to provide our clients with a clean, smooth paint job topped with a fine primer touch.

With excellent workmanship and top-notch prices, we are a premier residential remodeling service in Bartlesville, OK so contact us today to get your renovations rolling.

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